Best New Online Sportsbooks 2021

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Following the Supreme Court’s 2018 decision to overturn the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), the floodgates have opened for states to legalize online sports betting on their own.

The explosion of legal online sports betting has meant that the supply of legal betting sites has needed to rise to meet consumer demands. Here, we strive to keep you updated with the latest, newly legal online sports betting sites.

Top New Sportsbooks

Rank Bonus Turnover Min odds 

Risk Free Bet of up to $500

Turnover: No requirements

Lowest odds: -300

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2 Risk Free Bets up to $2,000

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds: -200

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Up to $500 in Bet Credits

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds: -500

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New customers only. Make a qualifying deposit (min $10), place bets to deposit value, once they are settled, matched amount in Bet Credits available to use. Bet Credits risk excluded from returns. T&Cs apply.


Risk Free Bet of up to $500

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds:

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$10 No Deposit Free Bet with a
$1,000 Risk Free Bet

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds: -200

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Risk Free Bet of up to $1,000

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds:

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Deposit Bonus of up to $1,000

Turnover: 25x bonus amount

Lowest odds: -300

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Risk Free Bet of up to $5,000

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds: -500

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Risk Free Bet up to $500

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds: -200

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Risk Free Bet of up to $1,000

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds:

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100% Deposit Bonus up to $250

Turnover: 1x bonus amount

Lowest odds: -200

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Why are there so many new online sportsbooks?

Previously established daily fantasy and casino brands have jumped into the fray. Of course, they’ve been joined by major European sports betting sites such as Bet365 and Unibet.

The number of new sportsbooks entering the market is constantly fluctuating and hard to keep up with. Whether it’s a new state launching with a few options or a well-known sportsbook expanding to new states, it can be a bit exhausting.

That’s why we’ve compiled this guide for you to peruse and find the best new online sportsbook for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about New Sportsbooks

Have some questions about new sportsbooks? We've got you covered

Are new online sportsbooks safe?

Every site we have listed on our site is completely safe, licensed, and regulated.

How can I tell if a new sportsbook is legit?

Depending on the state you are in, there should be a sign of some sort on the bottom of the site indicating that the sportsbook is licensed and regulated by the state gaming board. For example, legal online sports betting is regulated by the state Division of Gaming Enforcement in New Jersey. Therefore, you will be able to find their logo on every site that is legal for use in New Jersey.

What european sports betting sites are legal in the USA?

A number of online sportsbooks from across the pond have come to America in recent years. Some of our favorites include 888 Sport, Unibet, and Bet365.

What is a new sportsbook?

This is a bit of an umbrella term that can catch many different options. If you live in a state that has only recently legalized online sports betting, then just about every sportsbook will be new to you. There are always established brands looking to expand as far as they can, so a book like Bet365 that has already become a dominant force in Europe is a new site for American users. Even established American casino brands like MGM and Caesars are looking to move into the sports betting market, so this term can be applied in many situations.

Do new sportsbooks accept PayPal?

Most online sportsbooks accept PayPal and users love this e-wallet for its convenience, safety, and security. For more details check out our PayPal Betting Sites page.

What sportsbooks are available in my state?

On all of our sportsbook reviews, we clearly list all the states where that site is available for use. So, if a sportsbook we discuss here catches your eye, simply click over to our review and check to see if it's available to you!.

Why should I look for a new online sportsbook?

Given the ever-expanding set of laws across our country’s states, users constantly have new options to choose from.

Whether you’re already a sharp looking for a new experience or a complete newbie looking to hop on the latest trend, there’s a lot of value to be found in trying out a new sportsook. New sportsbooks bring a healthy level of competition to the marketplace. This competition breeds innovation, which leads to a lot more fun for bettors.

But why should you go out of your way to try out a different betting site?

Sportsbook Bonuses for New Users

In an effort to attract new customers, sportsbooks are always offering lucrative welcome bonuses for signing up. These can vary in form and function. Some sites like Bet365 offer bet credits to users. Others, like DraftKings, offer deposit bonuses. Some sites even offer both, take Unibet for example. It can be beneficial to try out a new sportsbook just to take advantage of the welcome offers.

    888 Sport Risk Free Bet

    888 Sport is currently offering users a risk free bet as a welcome bonus

    Risk Free Bets

    Risk Free Bets in particular are a very attractive sign up bonus for new users.

    They're great for bettors because they provide insurance against loss, while sportsbooks love them because they don't have to give out a bonus if your initial wager hits.

    Due to this win-win nature, risk free bets are quickly becoming the most popular sportsbook bonus on the market.

    Innovative Sports Betting Trends

    Like I said earlier, competition breeds innovation. In an effort to make themselves stand out from the crowd, new sportsbooks are constantly trying to differentiate themselves through new ways to bet.

    There are a few great examples of this in the industry. PointsBet’s PointsBetting system, for example, is a high-risk, high-reward completely new way to bet. Bet365 offers users the ability to livestream some events - including select NHL games - if they have a positive balance on their account or have placed a bet in the previous 24 hours.

    These new trends have advanced the sports betting landscape and made betting even more fun

    1. 2 Risk Free Bets up to $2,000

    2. Up to $500 in Bet Credits

    Mobile Sports Betting Apps

    More and more the dominant platforms upon which to bet on sports are mobile applications. This trend continues to grow, and in the future, we expect to see even more of an emphasis on innovative mobile apps.

    Make sure to check out our Sports Betting Apps guide for more info on the best sportsbook apps out there today!

    Evolving Legal Online Sports Betting Laws Across the Country

    We’re still in the relative infancy of legal sports betting here in America. Since each state has to pass laws allowing legal online sports betting and then each new sportsbook has to get licensed and follow strict regulations, it can take some time for a full slate of sports betting options to become available in your state.

    You don’t want to stick with a betting site just because it was the first one available, right? What if a recently launched option would be a better fit for you? This is why it’s important to keep an eye out and try out some new sportsbooks as they become available.

    Unibet Virginia

    Unibet is now available in Virginia

    Unibet Virginia

    Featured New Sportsbook

    One of the biggest names in European sports betting is Unibet. They have already established themselves as one of the best books in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and have just recently launched Unibet Virginia.

    Unibet features a great welcome offer for new users and some of the best customer service in the industry. If you’re frequently in the DMV, we encourage you to give this book a shot.



    My Sportsbook Evolution

    Luckily, I was living in New Jersey when DraftKings Sportbook became the state’s first legal online sports betting option in 2018. After using them frequently throughout the NFL season that year, I’ve branched out a lot. Trying out different betting sites like Fanduel Sportsbook, PointsBet, and Bet365 has really broadened my horizons as a bettor and just made the whole experience more fun.

    Now I maintain a balanced betting site diet and use different platforms depending on what I’m wagering on, what site has the best odds boost that day, or just what kind of mood I'm in that day. I heartily encourage you to do the same - try out different sportsbook as they become available in your state.

    European Betting Sites

    Just like with house music and skinny jeans, we’re once again playing catch-up to European trends here in the States.

    Legal online sports betting has been commonplace and readily accepted overseas for a long time, which has allowed many sportsbooks to flourish and establish as global brands before even setting foot in our neck of the woods. With the expansion of legal online sports betting in the United States, it was only a matter of time before these powerhouse sportsbooks came to our shores.

    European Sportsbooks have much larger name recognition globally than their American counterparts

    These sportsbooks are a bit more experienced than their American counterparts. They tend to be feature-rich and favor substance over style. If you’re looking for a refreshing change-of-pace from the daily fantasy conversions we’ve established locally, we heartily encourage you to look to these imports from across the pond

    Top European Betting Sites Currently Available in the US

    1. Bet365 - headquartered in Stoke-on-Trent, England
    2. Unibet - based out of Malta
    3. 888 Sport - offices in Gibraltar
    4. Caesars Sportsbook - technically American, but uses the betting infrastructure of classic British book William Hill

    European Betting Sites

    1. Up to $500 in Bet Credits

    2. Risk Free Bet of up to $500

    3. Risk Free Bet of up to $500

    4. Risk Free Bet of up to $5,000

    888 Sport App Design

    888 Sport is a UK sportsbook currently available in New Jersey

    888 Sport

    Featured European Betting Site

    Originally founded in the United Kingdom as an online source for slots and poker, the 888 Casino has actually been in America for a number of years. However, since the overturn of PASPA in American bettors have been allowed to sample their sportsbook that European bettors have had access to for a while - 888 Sport.

    888 Sport boasts a great bonus offer and app for new customers and even allows you to utilize a shared wallet between the 888 Sport, Casino, and Poker platforms.

    This British book is currently available to users in New Jersey, but we expect this list to expand in no time.

    New Sports Betting Trends

    New sportsbooks coming onto the scene are massive in pushing the envelope and adding new innovations to the sports betting world. All of these new sports betting trends make things a lot more interesting and fun for you, the bettor.

    Here are some of the new sports betting trends we’ve been tracking:

    Single Game Parlays

    This feature allows users to combine different outcomes from the same game into one bet. Do you feel it in your bones that Joel Embiid is gonna go off in a Sixers’ win? This feature allows you to parlay the over on his point total with the Sixers’ moneyline.

    It’s an addicting feature that is becoming more and more popular. It has become a huge sports betting trend. Innovated and expanded by Fanduel Sportsbook, many sportsbooks now offer similar functions, and even single game parlay insurance if one leg of your wager goes awry.

    Check out some of the sportsbooks below that feature one of our favorite ways to bet.

    Best Sportsbooks for Single Game Parlays

    1. FanDuel Sportsbook - daily fantasy giant
    2. PointsBet - up-and-coming sportsbook with tons of betting options
    3. Bet365 - world's most popular online sportsbook
    4. BetMGM - Las Vegas mainstay making moves in online sports betting
    1. Risk Free Bet of up to $1,000

    2. 2 Risk Free Bets up to $2,000

    3. Up to $500 in Bet Credits

    4. Risk Free Bet of up to $1,000


    Another innovation that has sprung up in recent years is PointsBet’s exclusive PointsBetting system.

    PointsBetting is a weighted betting system that rewards or penalizes you based on just how right or wrong your bet was. If you bet $10 on the Chiefs to win by 5, and they instead win by 10, you win $50. However, it also multiplies your losses, so if the Chiefs ended up losing by 1 point in this example, you’d lose $60

    This young, Australian-imported site is a perfect example of new sportsbooks shaking things up to provide users with a superior sports betting experience.

    Live Streaming

    Another trend to watch out for is the rise of live streaming on online sportsbooks. Some sportsbooks already offer live streaming of certain events.

    Our pro leagues have been eagerly embracing the rise of legal online sports betting in recent years, so we imagine this will continue to expand in the future as these partnerships grow even closer. The NHL has already struck a deal that allows Bet365 to live stream select games to users that have a positive balance on their account or have placed a bet within the preceding 24 hours.

    1. Best Live Experience

      New customers only. Make a qualifying deposit (min $10), place bets to deposit value, once they are settled, matched amount in Bet Credits available to use. Bet Credits risk excluded from returns. T&Cs apply.

    More on Bet365 Live Streaming

    Bet365 Live Streaming Explained

    28 June 2021

    Still a relatively new concept in American sports, experienced bettors around the world have gotten used to being able to livestream events directly to their sportsbook. Of ... Read more

    Unibet Watch&Bet

    In the live streaming field, one feature that has yet to land in the States is Unibet’s Watch&Bet.

    This feature allows users to live stream select events directly on the Unibet mobile app. While the event is ongoing, updated odds and suggested bets will appear across the bottom of your screen. From there you can place a live bet with one click without missing a second of the action.

    This is only now launching in Europe, however, we have hope that it will come to the US someday. This has the potential to be an absolute gamechanger in the live betting arena.