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Bet365 Live Streaming Explained

28 June 2021

Still a relatively new concept in American sports, experienced bettors around the world have gotten used to being able to livestream events directly to their sportsbook. Of course, users of the world’s most popular sportsbook have access to live streaming for select events.

Bet365 Live Streaming

Bet365 is the biggest platform for online sports betting in the world. Despite its limited availablílity in the US, overseas Bet365 is a titan of the industry.

Through consistent innovation, Bet365 has maintained its top spot. One area where Bet365 particularly excels is live betting.

While expanding their live betting functionality, Bet365 has even begun offering users the chance to live stream select games. This is a major function of Bet365 abroad and is only beginning to be rolled out to its fullest extent here in America.

You don’t even have to place a wager on the action, to live stream the game. Although if you do want to engage in some live betting, being able to bet and stream all from one platform will totally enhance your overall experience.


Live stream select games now!

All you need is a positive balance on your account, or to have placed a bet in the past 24 hours. As long as you meet those requirements, you'll be able to live stream all the games Bet365 has to offer!

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To take advantage of Bet365’s live streaming library, you must first make an account with the sportsbook.

Once you have your account, live streaming is just at your fingertips.

All you need is a positive balance on your account, or to have placed a bet in the preceding 24 hours.

As long as these requirements are met, you’ll be able to watch every live event featured on the sportsbook. Simply navigate to the “In-Play” tab on the website or app. All live games available to be streamed will have a play button next to them.

Click the 'PLAY NOW' button above

This will lead you to sign-up and lock in your bonus

Register your account

You'll need to include some personal information as well as establish your username and password

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Deposit into your account

You'll need a positive balance on your account or to have placed a bet in the previous 24 hours in order to be eligible for live streaming

Click on the "In-Play" tab

Live events available for streaming will have a Play button visible on them


You'll be able to live stream events directly to your browser or Bet365 app

Bet365 Reviewed
Bonus offer9/10
Betting variety10/10
Mobile experience8/10
Payment Options9/10
Betting experience9/10

What sports are available on Bet365 Live Streaming?

Bet365 offers users access to a variety of sports and leagues to live stream. You’ll be able to find many international soccer & basketball leagues, select PGA Tour Events, and even some NHL games.

When live streaming, the event will appear as a small box in the corner of your screen. You can follow the action there, while the rest of the web page will present you with super-fast updated odds and recommended bets based on how the game unfolds.

This all-in-one experience takes live betting to the next level and makes you feel like part of the action.

Live streaming sports on Bet365 include:

  • Select NHL games
  • Golf tournaments
  • Tennis
  • Overseas baseball & basketball leagues
  • European soccer leagues, including Serie A
Sportsbook Live Streaming

Very popular amongst betting sites overseas, live streaming is still a relatively new feature to US online sportsbooks. This is probably due to the relatively recent mainstreaming of sports betting as well as the extremely high costs of media rights deals in American professional sports leagues.

Now that every major league has begun to embrace online betting and even partnered with various sportsbooks, we expect this to be a sizeable area of growth in the next couple of years.

Mobile Bet365 Live Streaming

If you’re on the go, you can even take your live streaming experience with you via the Bet365 app.

The Bet365 app allows you to live stream all of the available games offered by the platform straight to your phone! The experience is very convenient, but you’ll of course be sacrificing some picture quality if you go this route.

The action will be reduced to about the top third of your screen. I know I get used to it after a while, but it’s understandable to be a little put off by this screen shrinkage at first.

Beneath the streaming video, you’ll see top bets for the action with live updated odds, making it very convenient to place your live wagers.

While it may not be ideal for getting the full picture of all the action, live streaming via the Bet365 mobile app is great for live betting.

About Bet365
Patrick Corkery

Patrick Corkery

Believe it or not, Bet365 is the most popular sportsbook in the world. Despite its limited availability here in the States, this betting site is a dominant force in the world of online betting.

Bet365 is one of the worlds most popular, reliable, and iconic sportsbooks

Founded in 2000 in the United Kingdom, Bet365 is globally renowned for its pristine betting experience and deep features built for the experienced bettor. This global popularity signifies how reliable a sportsbook Bet365 is and that there are reasons users always come back.

Although their US rollout has been relatively slow, there’s plenty of reason to keep an eye on Bet365 as they look to expand even further throughout the country.


If you do wish to test out live streaming through Bet365, you’ll of course have to be a member in good standing first. So, when registering, you should make sure to take advantage of your sign up bonus.

Bet365 has one of the most interesting bonuses on the market. Once you’ve joined and deposited at least $10, you can go ahead and wager $1.

Once you wager at least $1, Bet365 will credit your account with $200 worth of bonus bets.

This is one of the best sportsbook sign up bonuses on the market because users get an insane return on investment just for betting $1.


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Other Sportsbook Live Streaming Options

Bet365 isn’t the only game in town with live streaming. A few other sportsbooks out there allow you to do the same. This is pretty important due to the limited availability of Bet365 at the moment. I think Bet365 offers users the best live experience out there, but if you don’t live in a state where Bet365 is available, then you may want to look into these other options: