College Football Sportsbooks

Top 10 College Football Sportsbooks

20 September 2021

Breaking down and ranking the best NCAA Football betting sites in the US!

College Football Sportsbooks

Football is king for the American sports bettor, and college football is a huge part of that. While the NFL is the country’s most popular league, NCAA Football is debatably second. In fact, college football is more popular in many parts of the country!

While the NFL is more polished, college football has an inescapable human element that lovers of the sport adore. The game is more open and allows for much more creativity and innovation than its pro counterpart. The NFL is a copycat league, but college football coaches are forced to constantly innovate, constantly tweaking until the opposing coach adjusts.

There's also a certain bond that NCAA fanatics have with their team that NFL fandom can struggle to replicate. Whether you actually attended the university or just grew up watching the squad with your dad every Saturday, college football programs carve out a special place for themselves in sports fandom.

Of course, college football betting plays a huge role in this passion.

Points Bet College Football

PointsBet offers users tons of ways to bet on college football

College football is one of the most exhilarating sports to wager on, sometimes even more exciting than the pros. The engrained passion, freewheeling playstyles, and sheer amount of games available make college football wagering an exhilarating experience for sharps and newbies alike.

But what sportsbook is the best for college football bettors?

Top 10 College Football Sportsbooks

  1. PointsBet - Tons of fun ways to bet
  2. Bet365 - Best live college football betting
  3. FanDuel Sportsbook - Best Sportsbook for futures
  4. Unibet - Good promos & bonuses
  5. Caesars Sportsbook - Great sports betting app
  6. BetMGM - Many different types of parlay bets
  7. BetRivers - College football betting promos
  8. ClutchBet - Available in Iowa & Colorado
  9. SI Sportsbook - New college football sportsbook
  10. DraftKings Sportsbook - Many free pools for college football

NCAA Football Betting Sites: Where to Bet on College Football

There are a few elements that can make a sportsbook stand out from the others. While this applies across the board, this is especially true for college football betting.

Some of the key elements of any college football sportsbook include:

  • Overall Betting Experience - How many types of bets are available? Is there a wide variety of parlays available? What about cash out? Does this sportsbook offer an experience that no other online sportsbook does? These questions are crucial in determining the most important question of all: What sportsbook is the most fun to bet on?
  • Live Betting - Live betting is one of the most fun ways to experience gameday. This is especially true for football, where constant breaks in between plays allow enough time for sportsbooks to update odds on the fly and bettors to process their live bets.
  • College Football Futures - If the day-to-day gambling is a little too intimidating to get into, a great entry point for new bettors are futures bets. Futures allow you to make big, bold predictions about some season-long outcomes. For college football, you can bet on the National Champion, Heisman Trophy winner, and more!
  • College Football Promos - Both in terms of sign up bonuses for new users and ongoing promotions for existing customers, sportsbooks strive to offer users more value than the competition. Being smart and taking advantage of these promos make
  • College Football Betting App - A high-functioning sports betting app is a major feature of any sportsbook worth its salt. The ability to take your betting experience with you on the go is so important and a great college football betting app will ensure you have a smooth mobile experience.

Best College Football Sportsbook Betting Experience

These days, there are tons of ways to bet on sports. In addition to the traditional spread, over/under, and moneyline bets, there are many popular player props for every game. If this still isn’t enough variety for you, most sportsbooks will even allow you to place wagers for each half or quarter.

But some sportsbooks will go a bit further to provide users with the most in-depth betting experience possible. Single game parlays have become all the rage these days. As opposed to traditional parlays allow you to combine results from the same game into one parlay wager.

Popularized by FanDuel Sportsbook, most major US online sportsbooks have adopted this bet type in recent years.

College Football Sportsbooks with Single Game Parlay

While the single game parlay has become commonplace, it’s not the only creative type of bet that can attract users to a new sportsbook. We’re lucky to be in a time when sportsbooks are constantly striving to innovate and create as many new ways to play as possible.

#1 College Football Sportsbook

PointsBet College Football

The best college football sportsbook in the US

We believe that PointsBet offers users the most complete betting experience from top to bottom. They have a little bit of something for everybody.

Some of our favorite features include:

  • PointsBetting - PointsBet’s innovative sliding-scale scoring system rewards or penalizes you based on how right or wrong your bet was. It’s a one-of-its-kind system that is entirely unique to PointsBet and perfect for college football betting.
  • Same Game Parlay - Expect Marvin Harrison Jr. to go over 125 yards receiving in win for (The) Ohio State? Combine these two outcomes in a same game parlay to juice the odds and maximize your profit.
  • Existing Customer Promotions - Same Game Parlay Insurance, daily odds boosts, Refer A Friend Bonuses, and more
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More on PointsBet

How PointsBetting Works
3 August 2021

Aussie import PointsBet has taken the US sports betting market by storm in the past few years by bringing fun and creative ideas to the forefront. Their crown jewel? PointsBetting.

Best Sportsbook for College Football Live Betting

Live betting allows you to instantly react to what you’re watching. Think Alabama can come back against Auburn and avoid an Iron Bowl upset? Bet the Crimson Tide moneyline live to take advantage of the altered odds. As the game unfolds, the judgment is in your hands.

College football live betting allows you to instantly react to how a game is unfolding

While live betting is available for all sports, it perfectly suits football. The pauses between plays allow just enough time for betting sites to update their odds and you to place your live bet.


Bet365 College Football

The best sportsbook for college football live betting

Bet365 offers the best live betting experience currently available on the market. Period.

Their lightning-quick updating odds and live game trackers allow for an incredibly responsive live betting interface that takes all the panic out of your rash betting decisions.

Bet365 even offers live streaming for select sports, provided a user has a positive account balance or has placed a bet in the preceding 24 hours. Although this feature is currently not available for college football, it shows the British bookmaker’s commitment to producing an upper-echelon live betting experience.

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Best Sportsbook for College Football Futures

Fanduel Sportsbook College Football Futures

FanDuel Sportsbook offers tons of futures bets, including odds on the Heisman Trophy Winner

Futures are an important part of any sport’s betting experience. These bets enable you to make sweeping predictions about season-long results, such as championships and awards winners.

Many sportsbooks will also allow you to parlay multiple futures bets. So, if you think you can go 5/5 with Power 5 Conference winners, you can combine those results and test your luck.

    Futures bets are a great gateway drug for new bettors. While individual game betting can throw a lot of information at you, futures bets are much more simplified, straightforward, and easy to understand to the untrained eye.

    Popular College Football Futures Markets
    Patrick Corkery

    Patrick Corkery

    • NCAAF Championship Winner
    • Heisman Trophy Winner
    • College Football Playoff Participants
    • NCAA Conference Winner Outrights


    FanDuel Sportsbook College Football

    The best college football sportsbook for futures

    FanDuel Sportsbook features a wide array of futures for users to bet on. With FanDuel’s name brand and popularity, it’s logical that they would be a preferred sportsbook for this kind of bet.

    Given that FanDuel Sportsbook is often an American bettor’s first betting site, it makes sense that they specialize in this entry point.

    Of course, FanDuel Sportsbook offers both experienced and inexperienced users many types of bets, but we think they’re a cut above for college football futures.

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    Top College Football Betting Promos

    Bet365 NCAAF Early Payout Offer

    Bet365 offers early payouts to college football bettors if their team has a 17+ point advantage

    When we talk about sportsbook promos, there are two different major categories to unpack: sign up bonuses and existing customer promotions.

    Sign up bonuses are offered for new users when they register with a new sportsbook while existing customer promotions are there for users who have previously signed up with a betting site. Pretty self-explanatory, right?

    A smart bettor will leverage both kinds of sportsbook promos to their advantage. So if you’re interested in betting on college football, you need to find a sportsbook with many college football betting promos.

    Promotions like bonus bets, odds boosts, parlay insurance, and referral programs ensure that your sportsbook is offering you as much value as you possibly can. This way you can spend every Saturday betting with house money and put yourself in a position to succeed.


    Unibet College Football

    Many college football betting promos

    Unibet’s college football betting promotions provide a ton of value to users, both new and old.

    New users to Unibet are eligible for a second chance bet of up to $500. This means that if your first wager loses, your account will be refunded in on-site credits so you can try your luck again.

    Existing customers can take advantage of promotions like the Level Up Parlay Booster. This promotion boosts your profits the more legs you add to a parlay up to 50%.

    If you’re looking for good value for your bet, you could do a lot worse than Unibet.

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    College Football Betting Promos

    Unibet Level Up Parlay Booster - Unlimited Parlay Odds Boosts on Unibet
    Hockey 26 August 2021

    With the Unibet Level Up Parlay Booster, you are eligible for unlimited odds boosts every day on parlays of 3-12 legs

    Bet365 NCAAF Early Payout Offer - Lock in Your College Football Winnings
    Football 24 August 2023

    The Bet365 NCAAF Early Payout Offer allows you to lock in your money line College Football bets if your team goes up by 17

    Best College Football Betting App

    SI Sportsbook College Football App

    SI Sportsbook is a new sportsbook with a great app to bet on college football

    More and more, mobile sports betting is becoming dominant. Some estimates show that up to 80% of bets placed in the US are placed via a mobile device. That’s a lot!

    For college football betting this is particularly important. If you’re a diehard college football fan, you probably start your Saturday watching College Gameday and then head over to a friend’s house or a sports bar for the next 12 hours, maybe even staying up late on the east coast for some late-night Pac-12 Action. If you want to be able to track bets or place new bets on the move, you need a reliable sportsbook app.

    For the social college football fan, mobile sports betting is the way to go. It’s convenient and you can take it with you anywhere. That's why you must choose a sportsbook that has a strong mobile app.


    Caesars Sportsbook College Football

    A great college football betting app

    Caesars Sportsbook boasts a great mobile app.

    College football bettors have quick access to same game parlays and tons betting promotions, including dozens of odds boosts. It’s extremely easy to navigate and makes betting on the Saturday slate as easy as an Alabama win over Kansas.

    If you haven’t we encourage you to give Caesar’s app a try.

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