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  • Minimal juice on lines
  • Able to set your own odds
  • Smooth mobile app
  • Not many sports betting markets
  • No PayPal or card transactions
  • Live betting is limited right now
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience
Prophet Exchange quick facts
Game TypesBetting Exchange
Deposit methodsOnline Banking via Trustly, Wire Transfer, and Cash at Counter
Withdrawal methodsOnline Banking via Trustly
AppsiPhone, Android
SupportFAQ, Chat, Email, Twitter
OwnerStake Trade, Inc.
Founded Year2018
HeadquarterNew Jersey

Prophet Exchange Review

Prophet Exchange launched just before the 2022 NFL season as the very first betting exchange available in the United States. It initially launched only in New Jersey, and users there were immediately impressed.

The positives of using Prophet are clear immediately. For simple, straight wagers you get some of the very best odds possible. Because there's minimal juice on the lines you end up getting the most possible value for your wagers.

On the exchange, you can be the bettor or bookmaker. If a bet you'd like to make isn't there you're able to set the lines yourself and - as long as another player matches - you've created a new betting market.

As far as the betting experience goes, a strong mobile app, detailed customer service options, and a nice sign-up bonus make Prophet a solid option.

Not everything is perfect here, and there is still some room for Prophet to make up ground on some of the other best online sportsbooks in the US.

There just aren't all that many betting markets at this point with only a handful of sports available to wager on every day. Even for those major sports, your game-to-game betting options are limited to simplistic spread, moneyline, and totals wagers with no deeper markets like player props.

Prophet Exchange is an ambitious new sportsbook, but still needs time to develop

The live betting is also a bit limited at this point, but we hope that will improve as the platform grows and more players are actively matching each other's live bets.

Lastly, you cannot place parlay wagers on Prophet. This is fairly standard for betting exchanges, but it may be a disappointment to exchange betting novices.

At this point, you would be hard-pressed to call Prophet one of America's finest. It's still a very new product that could use a little more time to develop and grow its player base so more markets can be added. But with a little more time, we could see Prophet getting there.

For now, we recommend Prophet Exchange to get the best possible odds and test out betting on an exchange.

So what is a betting exchange, anyway?

Simply put, a betting exchange is a marketplace where bettors wager against one another.

Some users set the odds while other users bet on those odds.

The middleman is cut out, so you always get the best odds on straight bets. There are also no limits, so pro bettors tend to bet on exchanges to maximize their winnings.

On the downside, you cannot create parlays, and live betting can be limited by the player base of an exchange.

Try Prophet Exchange if...

You Want to Test a New Betting Experience

Prophet Exchange was the very first betting exchange to launch in the US and offers users a unique peer-to-peer betting experience. That means a ton of great features and benefits you won't find on the standard betting app.

The biggest benefit probably has to be the fact that you can be the bettor or oddsmaker.

That means you can select a market that already has liquidity on it and place a wager. Or, you can find a market that has no liquidity and set the odds yourself.

This carries some danger since you stand to lose some money if the bet wins, but this style of exchange betting allows you to easily trade in and out of your positions and make sure you're always covered.

So pretty much, you're playing both sides so you always come out on top.

You Want Great Odds

Due to the fact that bets are placed from user-to-user, not user-to-sportsbook, there is very low juice on all wagers.

That means that a spread bet that may have odds of -110 or worse on other sportsbooks will have odds closer to -103 on Prophet Exchange.

Over time, these odds differences really add up and you'll end up getting more bang for your buck placing your single bets on Prophet as opposed to other operators.

You Want Great Customer Support

As a brand new name in the betting industry, it's important to establish trust with users - especially when you're trying to popularize an entirely fresh style of betting to US audiences.

Prophet's passed this test with flying colors by having really good customer support right out of the gate.

Users can contact a live chat option 14 hours per day or reach out via Twitter or email.

Additionally, Prophet features a very instructive and detailed Betting Exchange 101 section of their site, so users that are unfamiliar with how the product works can learn and become experts.

Considering how few and far between exchange betting is in the US, this is a really nice feature that goes a long way towards establishing that trust that Prophet Exchange is looking for.

Avoid Prophet Exchange if...

You Want to Create Parlays

Due to the nature of betting exchanges, parlays are not available on Prophet.

This is not really their fault, since it is common practice for betting exchanges to only allow single wagers. The peer-to-peer nature of the product means that finding someone to match your wager on specific parlays at the same odds would be a tall task.

So it's not really a con compared to other betting exchanges, but users that love making Same Game parlays on FanDuel Sportsbook should be aware that this option is not available.

You Want to Live Bet

Live betting is available on Prophet Exchange, but it's far from the most exciting experience on the market.

The way this product works, another user needs to match your bet. With still a pretty small player base and the quick-time nature of live betting, it can be pretty hard to find players to match your wager while the odds of your bet remain the same.

When you throw in the limited player prop markets and lack of proper live game tracking, Prophet's live betting doesn't stack up very well.

You Want to Use PayPal for Your Transactions

At the moment, PayPal is not available for deposits and withdrawals on Prophet. In fact, you can't even use credit or debit card right now.

This is a real shame since it is such a new platform and there isn't much brand trust built up. As it stands, online banking is the most convenient payment option which may not be the most comforting thing for users that may be skeptical.

In the future, these options will probably be added. But for the time being, this is a bit of a swing-and-miss.

Comparing Prophet to the Competition

While Prophet Exchange is unique in what it offers players, it's still competing with more typical sportsbooks for users. As a new and still-developing product, we wouldn't expect Prophet to have the intangibles of a FanDuel or DraftKings quite yet, but you still deserve to see how it stacks up against some competitors that are closer to Prophet's level.

Here's how we rate Prophet Exchange compared to other sports betting operators available in the same state:

Prophet Exchange Prophet Exchange Prophet Exchange Prophet Exchange
Betting variety6/106/1010/108/10
Mobile experience8/107/108/106/10
Payment Options6/107/109/108/10
Betting experience7/107/109/107/10

Where is Prophet Exchange Legal?

Prophet Exchange is currently only available in New Jersey.

The exchange is also licensed and expected to launch in Indiana and Ohio in 2023, although no exact dates have been set for those launches. As one of the country's newest sportsbooks, it may take a bit for these launches to actually happen.

    Due to the peer-to-peer nature of betting exchanges, it may be a little bit trickier for the exchange to get licensed than it is with other, more conventional sportsbooks due to regulations on interstate commerce in the sports betting industry. However, we will keep this review updated whenever Prophet makes more expansion announcements.

    You do not need to be a resident of one of these states to make an account but you do need to be physically located in the state and at least 21 years old to bet on the exchange.

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    Patrick Corkery

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    Prophet Exchange States

    Prophet Exchange NJ
    • Launched: 2022
    • Web: Desktop & Mobile
    • App: iPhone & Android
    Prophet Exchange Indiana (Coming Soon)
    • Launch: 2023 (estimated)
    • License Status: Approved
    Prophet Exchange Ohio (Coming Soon)
    • Launch: 2023 (estimated)
    • License Status: Conditionally Approved

    Betting on the Prophet Exchange

    Prophet Exchange Betting

    The ability to place bets at a variety of odds, as well as request your own bets makes Prophet stand out from other betting apps

    To say that Prophet Exchange offers a unique betting experience in the US market would be putting it mildly. As one of the few betting exchanges available in the country, there are many features exclusive to Prophet that are not available on more traditional sportsbooks.

    For instance, on Prophet players are both the bettor and the bookmaker.

    If you don't see the odds you want on a given market, you can go ahead and request the bet. When someone else out there thinks the opposite they can match your bet and then the two of you are going head-to-head. This system cuts out the middleman and provides users with a lot of added value and fun.

    Sports Available on Prophet Exchange
    • NFL
    • College Football
    • NBA
    • NHL
    • MLB
    • Soccer

    Prophet Betting Exchange Markets

    Now let's talk about where Prophet drops the ball. There just aren't all that many sports available on Prophet right now, and even for the sports that are there the markets aren't very deep.

    For individual games, you can only bet on spreads, moneylines, and totals - no player props available. Futures markets are also very limited to just what Prophet is offering at the moment, and that isn't much.

    An unfortunate side effect of betting exchanges is that there are no parlay wagers available. Because players need to bet against you, it is nearly impossible to find bettors to match the odds of intricate parlays.

    While that will probably remain the reality, hopefully, Prophet will supplement that loss with deeper markets in the future.

    Prophet Exchange Odds

    Hands down the best part about betting on any betting exchange - particularly Prophet - is the odds.

    Since you're betting on a peer-to-peer basis, that means there's usually no vig or juice - the charge added to make sure the sportsbook receives their cut - on the lines. That means that betting exchanges tend to offer the best odds available on the market because you will never be charged that little bit extra.

    You'll have a hard time finding better odds than Prophet Exchange

    Most sportsbooks' standard wager is around -110. on Prophet, your most common bets will be priced closer to -103. For standard bets, Prophet Exchange offers some of the best odds on the market.

    Don't believe us? Check out the images of the odds offered by Prophet vs. FanDuel Sportsbook and DraftKings Sportsbook for a Monday Night Football match-up between the Patriots and Cardinals. Prophet Exchange is offering a much better value for moneyline, spread, and totals bets than FanDuel or DraftKings.

    While you may not have a plethora of different betting options at Prophet, you do get a lot of extra gain for your straight bets - especially if you continually bet on the exchange.

    Prophet Exchange Live Betting

    Live betting is available on Prophet Exchange, however, it would be difficult to say that it was a strong suit of the product at this point in time.

    Because of the way betting exchanges work, a user has to set a line and another has to bet on said line. With how quickly live betting can be affected, it can often be hard to find your desired wager or another user to match the line you set.

    The mobile app functions decently well for live betting, but the lack of players using Prophet hamstrings this aspect for now.

    It's a shame because live betting is typically one of the best parts of betting on an exchange. The ability to rapidly trade in and out of positions and cover yourself against any outcome is a hallmark of exchange betting in markets where it is common, such as the United Kingdom.

    There is also no live streaming available, although that isn't much of a surprise at this point for such a new product.

    As the number of users regularly using Prophet increases, the live betting experience will undoubtedly improve. it just remains to be seen how long that will take.

    Patrick Corkery
    Patrick Corkery Reviewer

    In my opinion, Prophet Exchange is a decent first step for players looking to try out a betting exchange for the first time.

    However, the platform is a bit underdeveloped at this point. So if you're looking for a great live or parlay betting experience you'll be disappointed.

    But there is certainly a lot of promise here, and once more features are added and the player base grows, Prophet will become more competitive.

    Prophet Exchange App

    Prophet Exchange App

    The Prophet Exchange app is available on the App Store and Google Play

    One area where Prophet excels is by offering users a streamlined app that's very easy to navigate.

    While there aren't many events to bet on with Prophet yet, the app makes it simple to find your sport of choice and get your wagers in.

    On the homepage of the app, you are introduced to the most traded-on games on a given day, or you can go to the sports tab to see all of the available betting markets broken down by sport.

    The Prophet Exchange app makes exchange betting as smooth as ever - for now

    Navigating the app flows extremely smoothly with little-to-no lag time when switching between games. This makes the Prophet Exchange app especially good for both live and exchange wagering, where time is always of the essence.

    Many of the disadvantages of the product as a whole (not many sports, relatively small player base) actually work as an advantage for the mobile platform. Once there is a bigger player base, more traffic on the app, and more betting features available we hope that it will be able to maintain this level of performance.

    For now, the mobile app is the best way to experience the Prophet Betting Exchange.

    Prophet Exchange iPhone App

    • Available on the App Store
    • 4.4/5 user rating based on 61 reviews

    Prophet Exchange Android App

    • Available on Google Play
    • 4.8/5 user rating based on 13 reviews

    Prophet Exchange Payment Options

    One area where Prophet Exchange, unfortunately, falls short is payment options. As it stands right now, the options for deposit and withdrawal are both very limited, with basic banking options like PayPal and even credit cards missing.

    The following payment options are available on Prophet Exchange:

    • Online Banking
    • Wire Transfer
    • Cash at Counter at Harrah's Casino in Atlantic City

    While the selection of options is pretty poor, the minimums for deposits and withdrawals are pretty solid. The minimum deposit is $5, while the minimum required withdrawal is just $1.

    The low minimums are great and could compete with just about any other sportsbook on the market, but the lack of options is pretty shocking. Online banking works smoothly, but many users may be put off by linking their bank account directly to a sports betting operator, especially one that doesn't have much brand trust built yet.

    Prophet Exchange is such a new product that we can forgive this oversight for now, but in the future, they really should add PayPal and debit/credit card transactions.

    Prophet Exchange Customer Support

    For a new service like a betting exchange, it was important for Prophet to come prepared with decent customer service options in order to ingratiate users to a new way of betting. The good news is that they've done that with a really strong set of customer service options.

    Prophet Exchange features a live chat 14 hours per day, an email address, and Twitter account for support queries. There is also a very thorough, organized, and up-to-date frequently asked questions section on the site that covers most of the bases.

    How to Request a Bet on Prophet Exchange

    Prophet Exchange features a great Betting Exchange 101 that explains the basics of how to use the service

    There is also an informative Betting Exchange 101 that clearly lines out how to use the special features of the product, something very helpful for those unfamiliar with exchange betting.

    All in all, Prophet has really strong customer support options.

    Prophet Exchange Customer Service
    Patrick Corkery

    Patrick Corkery

    • Live Chat: 10 AM - Midnight EST via the Prophet Exchange website or app
    • Email:
    • Twitter: @prophetexchange
    • FAQs: via the Prophet Exchange website or app

    The Final Verdict on Prophet Exchange

    Prophet Betting Exchange Review

    by Patrick Corkery

    Prophet Exchange is looking to shake up the sports betting industry by introducing exchanges to an American audience.

    It's an ambitious goal and the result is a mixed bag with a lot of potential.

    The limitations on the product currently hold it back from changing the game, but the odds are undeniably killer and the room to grow is obvious.

    Would you recommend Prophet Exchange?

    I'd recommend Prophet, but not as a first choice. The depth of betting markets just isn't there right now to justify recommending it over a more established brand.

    However, if you just want to find the best odds for simple bets on major sports then you should sign up with Prophet Exchange. You will find better odds on Prophet than just about any major sportsbook, so it's worth at least having as a point of comparison before you place your wagers.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Prophet Exchange

    Is Prophet Exchange legit?

    Yes. Prophet Exchange is perfectly legit, legal, and available as long as you are over 21 years of age and physically located in a state where it is active.

    Where is Prophet Exchange legal?

    Prophet Exchange is currently legal in New Jersey, with Indiana and Ohio expected to come in 2023.

    What happens if you have no one matches your bet on Prophet Exchange?

    If no one matches your bet on Prophet Exchange, the amount you wagered will be returned to your bankroll.

    If you have a partial match for your bet, then whatever amount has not been matched will be returned to your bankroll.

    What are the maximum win limits on Prophet Exchange?

    There are no maximum win limits on Prophet Exchange.

    How long does it take Prophet Exchange to pay out?

    Withdrawals on Prophet Exchange usually take 1-5 business days depending on the payment method you are using.

    What payment options are available on Prophet Exchange?

    You can use the following methods to deposit and withdraw from your Prophet account:

    • Online Banking
    • Wire Transfer
    • Cash at Counter at Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City
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