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Betfred Sports Review

Up to $105 on Fred
if Your First Bet Loses

Betfred Sports score

  • Regular odds boosts
  • -105 football betting lines
  • Same Game Parlays
  • App is below average
  • Limited baseball betting
  • No PayPal support
Bonus offer
Betting variety
Mobile experience
Payment options
Betting experience
Betfred Sports quick facts
Game TypesSportsbook
Deposit methodsVisa, Mastercard, VIP Preferred E-check, Bank Transfer, Play+ Card, PayNearMe
Withdrawal methodsBank Transfer, VIP Preferred E-check
Odds providerBetfred
AppsiPhone, Android
SupportEmail, Live Chat, Phone, Text
Founded Year1967
HeadquarterWarrington, UK

Betfred Review

Since being founded as a betting shop in 1960's England by a guy named (you guessed it) Fred, BetFred has established itself as a go-to for British bettors. Now, they've made their way to our side of the pond, going live in several states.

Fred knows betting, but there's still room to grow

The result is a solid sportsbook that gets the betting basics right but misses on many of the shiny bells and whistles that Americans have become accustomed to.

You can take advantage of a plethora of online betting options here. Same Game Parlay is ready available for most major sports such as the NFL and NBA. This is before you even mention the fact that the odds are just about as generous as it it gets on any online sportsbook in the country.

Betfred Sports Same Game Parlay

You can easily create same game parlays for NFL and NBA games on Betfred Sports

On the flip-side, Betfred doesn't hit a home run on all fronts. The user experience feels a bit clunky and outdated, not really living up to the standard set by some of the top dogs in the industry, like FanDuel and BetMGM. Additionally, the customer service and variety of banking options available could both greatly improve.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with Betfred Sports, but have to say it's a sportsbook best suited for experienced bettors. If this is your first sportsbook, I'd recommend a more streamlined experience. But if you've been around the block a few times and are just hunting for the best odds on a given bet then Betfred is a great option for you.

How Does BetFred Compare? Betfred Sports Betfred Sports Betfred Sports Betfred Sports
Bonus offer9/106/108/105/10
Betting variety8/106/108/107/10
Mobile experience6/107/107/106/10
Payment Options8/107/106/107/10
Betting experience7/107/107/106/10

Betfred Promo Code

Up to $105 on Fred
if Your First Bet Loses

BetFred Sports has a very strong sign up bonus - Bet $50, Get $111, with a chance to get up to $200 per week for the next 5 weeks.

To unlock the bonus all you have to do is bet $50 on an to get $111 in "Fred Bets."

From there, 50% of your losses will be refunded each week for the next 5 weeks.

This is a great deal, that keeps players rewarded for their first several weeks betting with Fred.

How to Claim BetFred Sports Promo

  1. Register with BetFred Sports
  2. Create an account
  3. Place a wager of at least $50
  4. Receive your $111 in "Fred Bets"
  5. Bet for the next 5 weeks
BetFred Promo Code Terms and Conditions
  • New user must deposit and wager at least $50 to qualify for this promotion
  • Only new users to BetFred are eligible
  • Fred bet wagers must have odds of at least -200
  • Fred bets cannot be used on Parlay+ or BetFred Boosts
  • Only one promotion entry eligible per person, household, and IP address
  • Fred Bet amounts excluded from any potential winnings
  • Other Terms & Conditions apply, check their website for more details

BetFred Promotions

Betfred boosts

Betfred Boosts are the most commonly offered promotion for regular customers

One area where Betfred could admittedly improve is how they treat customers to promotions once they have them through the door.

Betfred Boosts are the most common existing customer promotion that you'll see on Betfred Sports. Betfred Boosts offer the bettor enhanced odds on various wagers for several events on a given day. They are some of the most generous kinds of odds boosts on the market, and ensure that your winnings are being maximized each and every single day.

The boosts are all well and good, but it would be nicer if there were more consistently offered on a daily basis. Most of the bigger books offer loyalty programs, regular bonus bets, and much more. Offering more regular promotions would go a long way towards bridging the gap between Betfred and the big books.

Betfred Promotions

BetFred Sports Pre-Match Golf Par-Tee
14 June 2022

Looking to bet on golf this year? Choose BetFred and get a $25 bonus bet whenever you wager at least $100 in pre-match wagers

Where is Betfred Sports Legal?

Betfred Sports is currently available in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Iowa
  • Maryland
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania (As Wind Creek Casino)
  • Virginia

Additionally, Betfred is licensed in Louisiana but has yet to go live in the state. We will update this list as soon as they launch in the Bayou State.

You do not need to be a resident of one of these states to make an account but you do need to be physically located in the state and at least 21 years old to bet with Fred.

What You Need to Sign Up with Betfred
Ben Smith

Ben Smith

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Email
  • Last 4 digits of Social Security Number

Betfred Sports App

Betfred sports app

Most all bet types are available in the Betfred app

It would be difficult for me to sit here and say Betfred Sports features a top-of-the line mobile sports betting experience. I found the Betfred App to be a little behind-the-times, to be quite honest.

The layout and overall user experience don't really live up to the standards set by the biggest online sportsbooks in the country, like your FanDuels or Caesars Sportsbooks. While jumping around from tab to tab, there can be a bit of lag and the app doesn't flow as smoothly as you might like.

The basics are executed well, but you won't be blown away by features or presentation of the Betfred App

On the bright side, the Betfred Sportsbook app does get the basics of betting right. You can hit just about every bet on mobile as you do on desktop, with no bets limited for mobile bettors. It's a nice, convenient, and perfectly functional alternative to the desktop site. Just don't expect to be blown away.

It should be noted that you are required to download different apps depending on which state you're betting from. A bit of an inconvenience, but Betfred's states are spread out enough that it doesn't pose much of an inconvenience unless you frequently cross over between Arizona and Colorado.

Betfred Sports iPhone App

  • Available on the App Store
  • 3.8/5 user rating (Arizona)
  • 2.9/5 user rating (Colorado)

Betfred Sports Android App

  • Available on Google Play
  • 3.3/5 user rating (Arizona)
  • 2.7/5 user rating (Colorado)
What Users Are Saying About the Betfred App


"Started with some technical difficulties but their customer support is one of the best IMO. Akiera and Steven were very helpful on 2 different issues. I also like the option to text rather than in app text. When i was busier this morning it was very helpful not to keep an eye on the app and rather wait for the text. New User but will continue using cause when a problem comes up they have been quick to fix it."

- Colorado Google Play Review from June 2022


"The app is fine and the boosts are good but it’s so painful having to login with full email and password every single time. Please please please implement FaceTime login and/or allow the session to last longer than 1 minute of inactivity."

- Colorado App Store Review from April 2022

Patrick Corkery
Patrick Corkery Reviewer

My Experience with Betfred Sports

Is Betfred the best online sportsbook in the US? I doubt many would make that claim, but Betfred Sports is undoubtedly a decent online betting experience.

I wouldn't recommend it above most of the more popular bookies, but if you're just looking for great odds to maximize your money, you could do a whole lot worse.

Betfred FAQ

Is Betfred legal?

Yes. Betfred is perfectly legal, licensed, and regulated in a few states across the US.

Where is Betfred legal in the US?

Betfred is legal in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The Betfred sportsbook is not yet live in Louisiana despite having the required license and it operates in partnership with Wind Creek Casino in Pennsylvania.

Is Betfred legal in NY?

No. Unfortunately, Betfred is not currently licensed or available in New York.

How long does it take Betfred to pay out?

It typically takes 3-5 business days for your withdrawal from PayPal to be processed and the money to be accessible in your bank account.

Does Betfred accept PayPal?

No. Betfred does not accept PayPal transactions for deposits or withdrawals at the time of this writing.

Does Betfred have a casino?

No. In Pennsylvania, you can use your Betfred account to access the local Wind Creek Casino's online platform, but Betfred does not operate its own online casino in the US.

Betfred Sports

Betfred football betting

Betfred allows users to create custom same game parlays for NFL and NBA, using its Parlay+ feature

For sports bettors, I'd say Betfred offers a sort of 'premium basic' experience if that makes sense. All of the basic features you're looking for in a sportsbook are there and are covered very well.

Even some advanced features like Same Game Parlay (called Parlay+ on Betfred) are executed very competently, however they are notably absent for some popular sports like baseball.

Betfred's odds are where they really shine. With some of the most competitive odds on the US market, highlighted by -105 default lines that limit the amount of juice that bettors lose to the book, Betfred does a great job of maximizing your winnings.

The number of sports available on Betfred is pretty middling - just 13 are available as I'm writing this review. Niche sports like darts and snooker are notably missing, but all of the most popular sports in the US are readily available to be wagered on.

BetFred Sports A-Z
Patrick Corkery

Patrick Corkery

  • Aussie Rules
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Ice Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motor Racing
  • Rugby League
  • Soccer
  • Table Tennis
  • Tennis

Betfred Football Betting

Betfred goes above and beyond for football bettors. With their patented -105 lines and tons of odds boosts, NFL and NCAAF bettors alike all get a great deal when betting on the NFL. Additionally, Parlay+ bets are readily available so you can create your own same game parlays for every NFL game.

Betfred Basketball Betting

The NBA is another league that seems to be heavily favored by Betfred. Here same game parlays are easily accessible through Betfred's Parlay+, with loads of alternate spreads and individual player props to choose from.

Betfred Baseball Betting

The MLB is the league that gets short shrift out of the big three on Betfred. At the time of this writing, Betfred does not offer its Parlay+ for baseball bets. They do offer a wide array of player props each game, but the lack of a same game parlay means that you can't really utilize them. You also don't have the per-inning bets that have become popular on other baseball sportsbooks, which is a big miss.

Betfred Sportsbook Features

Betfred Odds

Probably the highlight of Betfred's betting experience is the great odds offered. By default, many of their bets are set to -105 lines, meaning that there's less juice and you get to take home more of your winnings. Most books set their default lines to -110 or -108, which is a small difference on a per-bet basis that can really add up over time. This is frequently offered frequently for NFL bets,so you can really have a great time betting on football with Betfred.

Betfred Parlay+

For the NBA and NFL, Betfred offers a fairly deep same game parlay feature called Parlay+. This allows users to combine different results from one game into one wager with boosted odds, so you can maximize your winnings.

Betfred Prop Bets

For each game, Betfred offers users a lot of individual player props that can be combined into same game parlays for select sports. Given that the Parlay+ feature is not available for all sports, how you can use these prop bets is a bit more limited than they should be.

Betfred Live Betting

Betfred's live betting is honestly nothing to write home about, but it also could be a lot worse. Many sports (like tennis) don't have a live game tracker which is a major downside if you're not actively watching the game. However, the speed at which odds are updated is surprisingly fast, so you'll rarely miss out on a live bet. Adding in-game tracking or live streaming would go a long way towards improving this mediocre live betting experience into something worth investing your time into.

Betfred Casino

If you use Betfred betting platform through a Wind Creek account in Pennsylvania, you can use your account to play casino games using Wind Creek's online casino platform.

However, Betfred does not currently offer its own online casino in the US.

Given how quick they were to shack up with a casino in the states and the fact that Betfred Casino is live and thriving in the UK, we hope to have a proper US online casino sooner rather than later.

Betfred Payment Methods

Betfred needs to, and surely will, improve its options for deposits and withdrawals as it continues to evolve as a product.

The deposit options are decent enough, but the only options for withdrawing your money is bank transfers or VIP Preferred e-check. This is an issue that would be easily solved by adding PayPal, which is sorely missing on Betfred at the moment.

Betfred Deposit Options

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • VIP Preferred E-check
  • Bank Transfer
  • Play+ Card
  • PayNearMe

Betfred Withdrawal Options

  • Bank Transfer
  • VIP Preferred E-check

The minimum for both deposits and withdrawals is $10.

Betfred Withdrawal Time

It usually takes 3-5 business days for Betfred to fulfill withdrawal requests. Not exactly on the speedy side, but it could also be worse!

Betfred PayPal

Unfortunately, Betfred Sports does not support PayPal for deposits and withdrawals.

This is a pretty major downside as users can only utilize bank transfers to take money out of their betting account.

Adding PayPal as a banking option would greatly improve Betfred's overall deposit and withdrawal experience. It's convenient to use PayPal and many consumers want a middleman between their bank and betting accounts for safety purposes.

Hopefully, Betfred adds PayPal support in the future.

Betfred Customer Service

Betfred's customer service is really good but could be improved. I contacted customer service during my review process and I was shocked to see that they responded to my email within 2 minutes! It was a simple query, but I was impressed nonetheless. Great on you, Robert from the Betfred Sports team.

Despite Robert's best efforts, I still think customer support could improve even more. The lack of an FAQ page is pretty shocking and despite the swift response to my email, the limited availability of live chat could be expanded to 24 hours. Add these elements and Betfred's support will be a 10/10 in my eyes.

Betfred Customer Support Options
  • Email: (Arizona), (Colorado)
  • Live Chat: Monday to Thursday - 8 AM - 9 PM MT, Friday to Sunday - 8 AM - 11 PM MT
  • Phone Support: (480) 485-4967 (Arizona), (855) 769-4878 (Colorado)
  • Text Support: (480) 900-5866 (Arizona), (720) 640-4033 (Colorado)
  • FAQ: Not Available

Betfred Review Summary

Betfred Sports Review

by Patrick Corkery

Betfred has made a reputation for itself as the underdog of the UK sports betting landscape, nipping at the heels of major international brands like Bet365 and 888. It faces a similar uphill battle in the US as it looks to take on the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel.

So can the product match up with the big dogs in the US? I'd say not quite yet. Overall, Betfred is a fine betting experience that offers users great odds and a litany of odds boosts every day.

It may not be at the top of the food chain quite yet, but give this underdog some time - they've been in this situation before and carved out a niche for themselves.

Would you recommend Betfred Sports?

The $1,000,000 at the end of all of these reviews is a bit trickier to answer with Betfred. If you've bet before and you're just looking for another option, I would recommend Betfred.

There are more complete bookmakers out there. But if you're just looking to cash in on a nice bonus and have a secondary sportsbook to compare odds with, then Betfred is perfect for that.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ 7/10

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Patrick Corkery

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Luckily, I was also living in New Jersey when PASPA was overturned and DraftKings Sportsbook launched in 2018. After years of consuming sports media that talked about betting, I was finally able to place my own wagers. Needless to say, I haven't looked back since.

It is now my privilege to guide our readers towards the best sports betting experience possible.

Betfred Sports review

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Up to $105 on Fred if Your First Bet Loses