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How Does Caesars Sportsbook Work?

Jul 9, 2024

Have any question about how to use one of America's top sportsbooks? We've got you covered with this article explaining everything you need to know about Caesars Sportsbook!

Ben Smith
Content Writer

How Does Caesars Sportsbook Work?

On Caesars Sportsbook, users can bet on sports and play online casino games from one account with a shared wallet. You also get the benefit of a great sign up bonus and

Caesars exploded on the scene with this combination in the Summer of 2021 and has leveraged it into making a name for itself as one of the best online sportsbooks in the country.

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What States Can You Use Caesars Sportsbook

You can use Caesars Sportsbook in the following states:

  • Arizona (Sportsbook)
  • Colorado (Sportsbook)
  • Illinois (Sportsbook)
  • Indiana (Sportsbook)
  • Iowa (Sportsbook)
  • Kansas (Sportsbook)
  • Kentucky (Sportsbook)
  • Louisiana (Sportsbook)
  • Maine (Sportsbook)
  • Maryland (Sportsbook)
  • Massachusetts (Sportsbook)
  • Michigan (Sportsbook & Casino)
  • New Jersey (Sportsbook & Casino)
  • New York (Sportsbook)
  • Ohio (Sportsbook)
  • Pennsylvania (Sportsbook & Casino)
  • Tennessee (Sportsbook)
  • Virginia (Sportsbook)
  • West Virginia (Sportsbook & Casino)
  • Wyoming (Sportsbook)

    You do not need to be a resident of these states to register and bet. You just have to be physically located in the state at the time you sign up and whenever you place bets.

    Caesars Sportsbook

    Up to $1,000 First Bet on Caesars

    How to Bet on Caesars Sportsbook

    Caesars Sportsbook presents bettors with one of the best overall experiences in the country, but we understand that it can be tough for beginners to get the hang of it. We put together this little step-by-step guide to help you navigate the waters and get you betting on Caesars Sportsbook.

    Sign up with Caesars Sportsbook

    You can click this link or one of the green "PLAY NOW" buttons on this page to create your account, plus nab a nice sign up bonus.

    You need to include the following info when you sign up:

    • Name
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Date of Birth
    • Physical Address
    • Last 4 Digits of SSN

    This information is only necessary to verify that you are who you say you are and are legally allowed to bet on sports.

    Choose Your Game

    Caesars Sportsbook has a truly impressive number of sports on display for you to take your crack at, so just about every sports fan can find something. Major sports include:

    • Football
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Hockey
    • Soccer
    • Golf
    • Tennis
    • Combat Sports

    I personally love betting on baseball with Caesar, but you have any number of betting options at your disposal here.

    Choose Your Bet Type

    Caesars Sportsbook has the following ways to bet (with a little explainer in case you're unfamiliar)

    • Spread Bets - Betting on one team to win the game based on a weighted handicap. This makes betting on the favorite more profitable.
    • Moneylines - Betting on one team to win the game straight-up, with no handicap involved. This makes betting on the underdog more valuable.
    • Totals Bets - Betting the over or under on the total amount of points to be scored in a game.
    • Player Props - Bets on specific statistical results a player may have in a game. For example, you could bet on Aaron Judge to hit a home
    • Parlays - Combining multiple outcomes from different games, where you receive a bigger payout for wins but lose the entire bet if just one aspect loses.
    • Same Game Parlays - The same as normal parlays, but this time you can combine results from within one game. For example, you could combine the aforementioned Aaron Judge bet with the Yankees winning that game for a boosted odds bet.
    • Futures - If you don't want to bet on an individual game, you could bet on season-long results like division winners, championship winners, stat leaders, and award winners

    Believe it or not, this is just a sampling of the extensive betting options available on Caesars Sportsbook.

    Place Your Wager

    Now that you've chosen the event you're betting on and the type of bet you're making, it's time to put your money where your mouth is. You can choose how much money to place on your selection.

    For beginners, I recommend starting small. The minimum bet on Caesars Sportsbook is just $0.10. You don't have to go that low, but it may be good to ease yourself in if you're just getting used to betting.

    Watch & Wait

    Now that you've done the hard part, it's time to kick your feet up and watch the results play out. Good luck!

    How Does the Caesars Sportsbook Bonus Work?

    To backtrack a bit, before you even start betting you should make sure to redeem your Caesars Sportsbook Super Bowl promo and claim your bonus! New users to Caesars Sportsbook are eligible for a bet worth up to $1,000 at the time of this writing.

    Your first real money bet up to $1,000 will be 100% insured, so you'll get a full refund in non-withdrawable bonus bet credits if you lose.

    The bonus plays out pretty simply, but it may be a bit tricky if you're not experienced with how these types of bonuses work, so just follow these steps and you'll be well on your way to cashing in some bonus bets.

    How the Caesars Sportsbook Bonus Works

    1. Register with Caesars Sportsbook
    2. Use the promo code SBO1000 during sign up (should be automatically applied)
    3. Deposit money into your account
    4. Place your first real-money sports wager within 30 days of opening your account
    5. Claim your refund or enjoy your winnings

    You only get refunded if your first bet loses. But I'm guessing that you won't be too angry if your bet cashes anyway.

    Caesars Sportsbook

    Up to $1,000 First Bet on Caesars

    What are Caesars Sportsbook Rewards?

    Caesars Sportsbook often touts that it is the "only sportsbook with Caesars Rewards," but what does that actually mean?

    Well, Caesars Rewards is a loyalty program offered by the Caesars corporation where points can be earned by betting on the sportsbook or online casino, playing live at a Caesars casino, or even hotel stays at their casino resorts.

    You can earn numerous benefits, such as bonus cash on the sportsbook or discounts on hotel stays!

    Overall, it's a really nice rewards program that is worth touting, so it makes sense that it is ever-present in the Sportsbook's marketing efforts.

    Caesars Rewards sign up

    How to Link Caesars Rewards to Sportsbook

    If you're already a Caesars Rewards member, it's extremely easy to link your membership to your Caesars Sportsbook account. All you have to do is type in your rewards number along with your address and promo code information (as pictured above) and you'll be all set and ready to go.

    If you don't have an existing Caesars Rewards membership, then you can always register your new membership after signing up with the bookie and link your rewards number under your account information.

    Once you do so, it's quite easy to gain rewards points while betting on the sportsbook. Every $5 wagered on the sportsbook count towards 1 reward point, while every $25 wagered on the online casino counts toward 1 reward point. It may not sound like a ton, but it adds up quicker than you could imagine and - considering the substantial rewards you can redeem your points for - can add a huge benefit to your entire gambling life.

    How Does Caesars Online Casino Work?

    Caesars Sportsbook Casino

    Caesars Sportsbook features a pretty in-depth online casino, for those who are interested

    In addition to the extensive sportsbook offering, the Caesars online casino also provides a premier betting experience.

    Given that Caesars built its brand in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, it was only right that they come correct with its online casino offering. There are a ton of games to choose from including a ton of live dealer games, slots, and live table games.

    Best of all, you can access the online casino and sportsbook all from one shared wallet. This means that money that you deposit on the sportsbook can be used on the casino and money you deposit on the casino can be used on the sportsbook. There's not much more you could ask for if you're looking for an in-depth betting experience.

    Caesars Online Casino States

    Ben Smith
    Ben Smith - Content Writer
    • Michigan
    • New Jersey
    • West Virginia

    How do Deposits & Withdrawals work on Caesars Sportsbook?

    Maybe you've already signed up, but you don't know exactly how to get your cash to and from your betting account - fear no more as we're here to help.

    Caesars Sportsbook Deposits

    You can use the following methods to put money into your Caesars Sportsbook account:

    • Visa or MasterCard debit/credit card
    • ACH
    • PayPal
    • Skrill
    • Play+ card
    • Cash at select in-person locations

    If you're depositing with a credit or debit card, then the minimum required deposit is only $5. However, all other methods require a $10 minimum.

    The good news is that deposits are typically available in your account instantly, meaning that there's no time-wasting between you and your betting!

    Caesars Sportsbook Withdrawals

    You can use the following methods to take money out of your account:

    • ACH Bank Transfers
    • PayPal
    • Skrill
    • Play+ card
    • Cash at select in-person locations
    • Mailed Check

    The minimum withdrawal for ACH transfers and checks is $25, $10 on PayPal, and $5 for the Play+ card. There is no minimum for withdrawals using Skrill or cash at cage, so those options are your best bets, if available.

    Withdrawals take at most 3 business days on average, so you get your money back from Caesars Sportsbook pretty fast.

    So now you know how Caesars Sportsbook works...

    We've covered most of the ground that I expect you may have been looking for when you landed on this page. As I reminder, we went over:

    If all your questions are answered, you can join Caesars Sportsbook by clicking the PLAY NOW button below!

    Caesars Sportsbook

    Up to $1,000 First Bet on Caesars

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